Any cruise ship lets you see the world. Windstar brings it close enough so you can fully live it. See, hear, smell, taste and feel what it’s like to sail on a lovely ship into a small port, explore a hidden beach, see Moroccan goats standing in trees, taste a spicy Norwegian Bacalao stew and altogether lose yourself in a strange and wondrous culture. Our elegant, 148 – 310-guest cruise ships open up captivating new worlds and leave indelible, lifetime memories.

Windstar’s small cruise ships and personalized approach bring you closer to each destination and every port, so you can see the world from new perspectives. Share intimate moments away from the crowds, and immerse yourself in local, exotic cultures, all on a cruise ship where surprise and delight are constant companions.

And of course, part of the Windstar magic is our incredible personal service. Enjoy undivided attention from a crew who delights in remembering your name and preferences. Both gracious hosts and ambassadors, they delight in surprising you in discrete ways – satisfying your sweet tooth with an extra chocolate on your pillow or sharing the location of a favorite seaside café.

This is 180 degrees from ordinary, where all your senses are indulged and your sense of wonder is awakened.


Banish cliché, toss aside regimen, steer clear of stuffy. Our perfectly sized ships make it possible to flip the script on cruising. Free yourself from crowds and indulge all your senses, especially your sense of wonder. Experience cultures in ways that are personal and authentic, with the power to change your perspective. With 148–310 guests, a Windstar ship is large enough to pamper, yet small enough to explore secluded coves and docks in the heart of charming villages, sparkling cities and remote islands.

The undeveloped beauty of Ko Kut, Little Bay on Montserrat, Isla Parida in Panama. The spectacular Pitons in St. Lucia, the delicate green-and-brown mantle of Iceland’s Surtsey Island, the diver’s paradise at Fakarava. The tree goats of Morocco. Medieval alleyways of Monemvasia. These are the hidden wonders, unique ports of call, and less-traveled waterways that Windstar’s elegant ships can find, and the source of memories that will stay with you forever.


Yes, our ships are beautiful, but their real beauty lies in how close they can get you to the kind of authentic, immersive experiences you’re looking for. Have dinner with a Croatian family in their village home, and see what life is like from a local perspective. Take a culinary tour in Da Nang, and see the cultural role food plays in Vietnam. And our carefully curated onboard lecturers deepen and enhance your experiences with an insider’s look at intriguing local topics, like the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. Get closer to each destination through the best small ports and hidden harbors, for access to different cultures and far-off lands.

Our shore excursions are incomparable, once-in-a-lifetime adventures. We’ll help you select shore experiences that are suited to you, from certified SCUBA dives and rejuvenating baths in volcanic springs, to archaeological wonders and regional wine tastings. Small group excursions can take you to meet locals eager to share their homes, cuisines and cultures. It’s an unparalleled way to experience other lands and see the world from a new perspective.


It’s knowing to bring you the exact right thing at the exact right time. An exquisitely made hand-crafted cocktail when you’re savoring the sea breeze from your deck chair. A perfect chocolate soufflé, as you contemplate what the lovely night has in store. A welcoming smile and warmed refresher towel waiting for you after seeing sights you still can’t quite believe you saw. Every moment we’ll be near at hand, making sure you’re the favored recipient of unprecedented, award-winning service.


The moment you board you’ll feel it: an ever-attentive crew at your service, providing you with what you want and need, when you want and need it. Delighting in your smile. Taking pure pleasure in your contentment. The Windstar staff-to-guest ratio is 1:1.5, and it shows. It’s why Windstar was named for Best Service last year in the Cruise Critic Cruisers’ Choice Awards.


Cruising on a Windstar small ship is like going to your favorite neighborhood restaurant, where you see friends at the table across the way and the staff knows exactly what you’ll order. It’s an intimate experience where you’ll share stories with like-minded travelers as you explore the world together. You’ll experience new cultures with locals, making meals together and learning about their traditions and everyday life. Come up to the Open Bridge for a chat with the Captain and coffee with the First Mate, if not just to see the sunrise over the bow. Laugh with friends old and new at our Signature Onboard Barbeque and line dance the night away with your crew. No matter when your travels take you, know that your Windstar family is with you.


• Champagne welcome reception
• Signature Sail Away to Vangelis’ “1492 Conquest of Paradise”
• Windstar’s Signature Onboard Barbecue and the beloved crew show*
• Local performances onboard**
• Learning how to sail with the Captain or officers on our Open Bridge
• Ocean views from all beautifully appointed staterooms or suites
• Cooking demonstrations powered by the James Beard Foundation and recipes by James Beard Foundation chefs
• All meals, in all venues, including 24-hour room service
• All non-alcoholic beverages, including specialty tea and coffee drinks
• Market tours with the chef to select seasonal local ingredients for upcoming meals**
• Watersports Platform, including all watersports equipment featuring complimentary kayaks, paddleboards, water trampoline and more*

* Dependent on port and weather conditions. Watersports equipment is not available in Alaska. Only Signature Expeditions will operate from the Watersports Platform when in Alaska.
** In most regions.

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